Monday, February 18, 2013

Ten Brainless Techniques to Increase Web Traffic

This is the final part of my series “Why Your Website Isn't Generating Serious Cash.”

As I said in the original, one reason your business website isn't generating cash is because you simply forgot to tell people.

We get into the habit of doing business with standard tools, then looking at our websites as a separate marketing device.  A good website, one that makes money, is always integrated with all the other marketing you do both online and off.

I always ask new clients to send me lots of marketing materials.  Sometimes I get simple business cards and brochures, and other times I’m given much more substantial collateral that their company has invested tens of thousands of dollars to produce.

Inevitably there is a gap between offline and online promotion.

Here are ten ways you can close the gap and encourage more website transactions.  Remember, the first step is to have a decent website that encourages people to buy.  If your website isn't “a closer” your marketing money isn't well spent even if it’s very web-centric.  But once you have a good website that you know can close more sales, start directing all of your marketing toward that website.

Ten Brainless Marketing Activities You're Stupid Not to Try:

Business Cards – Business cards don’t sell anything, ever.  They are just a tiny way to encourage contact.  However if your website can sell, make sure your business card directs people there.  It’s not enough just to have listed on your card.  Try offering a call to action or incentive. “Subscribe to our weekly marketing tips at”

Brochure – Do I have to spell it out?  Reread the business card paragraph only make it bigger.

Radio – Do you have a nice pronounceable and easy to spell domain name?  If not, get one if you intend to do radio broadcasting.

Voicemail – Have all your employees include your website in their voicemail message.  They missed getting someone at their desk, but maybe the website can do the work your employee was going to be asked to do.

Hold Message – If your business has a call center that occasionally generates a customer queue, make sure to give your on-hold customers something of value.  Perhaps they will even hang up and order online.

Email Messages – First, if your email ends in,,, or (God forbid), it’s time to get branded email.  Assuming you already have a branded email address, don’t forget to include your website and a call to action in the signature of your email.  This is even more important today because 40% of all email is read on a mobile device.  People don’t always have the convenience of your website bookmarked in their browser.

Facebook – There are lots of ways to market your business on social networks, but chances are you and most of your employees use Facebook for personal use. Make sure everyone working for you lists your company under employment and properly tags your Facebook page and/or your website.  Encourage them to be proud of the company they serve.  The same goes for other personal pages such as blogs, LinkedIn and Google profiles.

On Location - If you go to most restaurants, retail stores or service businesses, you won’t see signage encouraging people to visit your website.  If you have a retail location you probably even have a doormat that says “Thank you, please come again” on the way out the door.  Put your website in many prominent locations.  Restaurants miss opportunities.  They offer free WiFi but forget to invite people to their own website.

Product Packaging – Put a call to action on your products to encourage your customers to use your website.  Remember it’s always easier to resell to an existing customer than to attract a new one.  Make sure you are capturing the attention of the people already using your products.

DVD and other Media – Do you have a free DVD or Flash drive as a giveaway? Not only can you brand the packaging, but you can also link from the actual media.  Most people watch videos on web enabled devices.  Even DVDs are usually played on a computer or game console connected to the internet. Your freshly updated website is just a click away.  This works particularly well at trade-shows   People are reluctant to throw away a DVD or thumb drive without checking it out at least once.  They may not remember your web address, or type it in from your business card, but an AV presentation makes your website just one click away.

Presentations – Giving a speech?  Making a sales pitch?  Chances are you are using PowerPoint or another presentation software.  Again your website could be one click away.  Make your pitch, then show customers exactly how to buy right on your live website.

Direct Mail – Direct mail is getting attention again, but it can be expensive.  Save money by mailing simpler pieces such as post cards, but include your website for more information.  Better yet, use a QR code and they can visit with a quick smart phone snap.  They could be visiting your website before they get back from the walk to the mailbox.

You may have noticed that there are twelve brainless activities in my list of ten.  I didn't think you’d notice ‘cause obviously you’re not terribly bright or you’d already be doing them.

Seriously, these are pretty simple and most businesses can do eight or ten out of the twelve; so get out there and start promoting your super highly effective “closer” website.

If you don’t have a “closer”, call me.  I can help with that.

Credits: Thanks to illustrator, Mark A. Hicks and Discovery Education for the brain clip art.
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