Monday, January 14, 2013

Five Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Make You Money!

You can have the most well designed website, with tons of features and professional quality design.  These are important, but they don't make your website a great website. Making money with your website has little to do with features, design, or the coolness of your domain name.

Your website should be a cash machine! If it’s not, it’s not living up to its fullest potential. Let’s take a look at how good websites become great.

Top five reasons why your website isn’t generating serious cash: (…and if it is, keep reading. We may be able to make it better.)

Your website has gone stale – When was your last update? Are you adding new products, services, press releases or newsletter updates? Is everything on your website still accurate?

People can’t buy your stuff – Today every business is an e-commerce business, or should be. Whether you sell products or services, information or expertise, your customers want to be able to actually purchase from your website.

Your SEO is out of date – Search Engine Optimization is important for any website. Search engines look favorably upon websites that are updated frequently and provide lots of original quality content. Additionally, tricky techniques that used to work don’t anymore, and some of them actually penalize you.

Your website sells to the wrong people – Musicians often make the mistake of promoting music to current fans. They should be promoting themselves to venues that pay them to perform. Medical offices provide great patient information, but most medical offices rely on referrals from within the industry. It’s great to have a website that educates, but make sure the customers that actually purchase or refer your services have the information they need as well.

You forgot to tell people – You have the greatest website in the world; perfect content, great SEO, and frequent updates. Unfortunately, you forgot to tell people to come see you. For many of us, our customers visit our websites because we encourage it. Use social media, direct mail, online advertising and offline signage to encourage people who can give you cash to visit your site. Make it the center of your marketing.
“Ok, we know what’s wrong. How do we fix it?”
Unfortunately, those are topics for another day. Specifically, I’m going to cover each of these individually and in depth over the next five weeks.
“But, Jason, I can’t afford to wait five more weeks!”
Ok, no problem. Give me a call at 215-253-3737 and I'll be happy to work with you one-on-one. (Tiny sales pitch incoming…) I charge $90 for a one hour consultation by phone.  If I can't find at least five specific ways to improve your sales that are easy to implement and make a big difference, it's probably because your website is AWESOME,  (or written entirely in Pig Latin) and I'll give you your 90 bucks back.

Reach me by phone or Skype during East Coast business hours, or email me to set up an appointment.
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