Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Set Up a MyFonts Affiliate Program on Blogger

One of my favorite websites for typography is MyFonts. They sell a massive collection of top quality fonts. For professional graphic designers and website builders is essential that you purchase fonts and be able to verify that you own them. Additionally, they have a nice collection of free fonts as well.  Free fonts are pretty easy to find on the web, but I like to support font artists whenever I can.  Most of the fonts are about $20 for unlimited use and many of them have font families for advanced typography.

Another reason I like MyFonts is that they have a affiliate program where webmasters can earn some extra change.  I'm going to try out the program and let you know what results I see.  I'm not expecting to get rich, but every little bit goes toward my million.

Unfortunately, there affiliate program isn't extremely Blogger friendly.  In Blogger we just got the ability to add Permalinks, so it will work.  After going through it twice, I'll show you exactly how to do it using Blogger.  The same steps should work for WordPress too.

Step #1 - Sign into MyFonts.  You can use the same login if you're a customer, which is added convenience.  If you don't have an account, how about using one of my links.

Step #2 - Under the "More" menu is a selection that says "Affiliate Program".  Here's where you set up the affiliate account.  They require your legal name (my business name in this case) and a mailing address.  They don't require an EIN or SS#, but they may if you earn enough to deserve a 1099 down the road.

Step #3 - Another perk is that you can use one affiliate program for multiple domains.  As you can see I entered three domains which each need to be verified.  I've already verified this website, and the images below will show you the steps as I verified my personal blog,

Step #4 - Click "Activate URL" under the status column.  You'll get a screen that looks like this.

Step #5 - In Blogger you can't create a verification file as easily as in a traditional website.  You'll have to create a post using the file name that includes the verification code.  Login to Blogger and create a post, which can be deleted later.  Click "Change" at the end of line #3.  You'll have to tell MyFonts which directory you plan to use.  The Blogger directory system is simply /year/month.

Step #6 - You should be logged into Blogger to create the post.  You'll need to create a custom Permalink. Copy and paste the verification code sans ".html" and paste it in the custom Permalink box.  This will create a Permalink in this format [] which isn't pretty, but it works.

Word of warning!  After you do all this, you'll click "Verify" on your MyFonts affiliate page.  The problem is the verification gives you some kind of wacky error message.  It doesn't look like it worked, but it does.  Once your domain is verified you can create links from any page under your domain to any page on MyFonts and get credit.  This is really handy for creating graphics without tons of codes or long URLs.  You can simply create text links such as or link them to banner ads, etc. 

I'll be back in touch next month and let you know if I earned some cash.

Credits:  Screen captures are taken from and the interface.  Some content of this post including logos are their intellectual property, used for editorial purposes.
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