Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mobile SEO for Small Business

On Wednesday, Google released some pretty powerful data about mobile search. They did a study comparing restaurant searches on Valentine's Day, and the week preceding it.

Specifically, they studied the platform used to search for popular restaurant chains, and found out that mobile searches accounted for 62% of search traffic on February 14. Total volume of searches revealed that are not only did mobile search dominate on February 14, mobile search also was the most frequently used search platform as early as February 10.

This graph, courtesy of Google, compares mobile search, desktop search, and tablet search volume.

One interesting thing I noticed is that traditional searches peak on Friday while mobile searches peak on Saturday during the weekend prior. This may indicate office workers are using their PCs to look for a happy hour venue while Saturday partiers are searching via mobile. Mobile search was higher both days, but jumped sharply on Saturday while desktop search declined slightly.

As you can see, at crunch time people go to their mobile phones. If you have a business were people tend to make last-minute decisions before buying, going mobile is a requirement. Even if you don't, is clear that mobile search is critical to almost any business because it has become the trendsetter for people who want quick information.

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