Friday, October 16, 2009

Google Reports Third Quarter Earnings

Yesturday Google announced their Q3 2009 earnings. Revenues were up 7% over Q3 last year, and total revenues were nearly 6 billion dollars.

So why am I mentioning this on a blog about earning money on the web? Well, this means that internet advertising revenue overall is likely on the increase. This is great news for publishers. Adsense revenues are on the rise.

Additionally, this means that as more people spend money advertising on Google, more companies will also be spending money elsewhere. As pay-per-click bids increase, some companies will find it too expensive to use for branding. Pay-per-click is ideal when trying to track conversions and ROI, but when trying to boost brand recognition, it can be expensive.

Hopefully your Adsense check will be a little larger each month, but take this opportunity to encourage more direct advertising on your websites. My company has seen significant growth in direct advertising and sponsorship so far this year.
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