Friday, July 10, 2009

Seven Reasons I'm Not Following Your Twitter Feed

I have a few hundred followers on Twitter now.  Every day I get eight or 10 people who decide to follow me.  I take a look at each and every account of someone who follows me and here's how I decide whom to follow.

Basically, I'll Twitter follow anyone except people who...
Don't upload a picture -- it doesn't even have to be a photo of you.  I just want to see something there to trigger my brain when your post wanders by.  Get rid of the default avatar on the first day you sign up for Twitter.

Don't update their feed -- To the voyeurs among you who follow bunches but don't post, I'm not going to follow you in hopes that you will pick up the pace later.

Have a link in every Tweet -- Some of you love to repost stuff you find on the Internet.  That's great, I love finding a new link, but if that's all you have I probably won't follow you.  If every link is selling something, I definitely won't follow you.  Give me some variety please.

Have no profile -- Take 10 seconds to update your profile and tell me a little bit about yourself. 

Have an Uber profile -- So, you're the world's greatest social network marketing guru ever, huh?  Then why do you only have 132 followers and no blog.  Don't try to impress me, just tell me what you do or how you do it.

Are boring -- You followed all the rules.  You have a picture, and honest profile and you don't spam tweet for a living.  So far, so good.  Unfortunately, your profile shows heavy interest in Renaissance era French literature and macramé.  Your tweets are mostly about your large collection of ceramic frogs.  While these things are fascinating to you, I find you very boring and won't follow you.  No offense, best wishes.
Twitter is a great tool for quick communication with lots of people.  People can get to know your personality, and you can sometimes persuade them to make a purchase.  I'm convinced that Twitter has a significant place in every online marketers repertoire.
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