Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cheap Blog Hosting for multiple blogs

I'm expanding my repertoire of blogs. I'll post the links here as soon as they're ready, but I wanted to share two ideas for extremely cheap blog hosting when you use multiple blogs.

Here's what you need... a GoDaddy account and a Google account

The first form of cheap blog hosting is through Blogger, owned by Google. It's actually free, and you can use your own domain if you wish. Your only expense will be about $10 a year for your domain name. I used to find it far preferable to use a hosted domain, even with blogger. I would purchase through GoDaddy the statistics package, cheap monthly hosting, and get a discount on the first year for the domain. But now with Google analytics you no longer need the statistics package, and the newest version of blogger works better when hosted remotely.

The second form of cheap blog hosting comes from GoDaddy. Don't buy their economy hosting unless you only have one blog. Economy hosting only works with one domain. It's less than $5 a month, or with discounts about $58 a year including your domain. This may not seem like much but what if your hosting 100 blogs? Not only are you going to be paying $5,800 per year, but you're also going to have to take the time to analyze each blog and make sure it is earning at least $58.

Instead, look at one of the deluxe plans on GoDaddy. The benefit here is that you are purchasing space rather than hosting for one website. These deluxe plans are far more inexpensive ways to host your blogs.

I actually recommend purchasing two plans if you carry many blogs. Some of your blogs won't be worth your time to constantly update, but will get some traffic from search engines. Put all of the blogs that are getting updated into one account, that way you always have a good idea of how much bandwidth and space you're using. Put your regular blogs into the other account.

Their midrange blog hosting accounts are less than $80 annually, but you'll save money even if you only have two blogs.

Another advantage to GoDaddy hosting is that you can install WordPress automatically. Some people, with good reason, prefer WordPress. While not as inexpensive as blogger, it is cheap WordPress hosting.

You can still use Google analytics to check statistics, so you don't need to purchase the statistics package through GoDaddy.

Ultimately, your goal is to make your blogging highly profitable, then getting your Web hosting for free or on the cheap is not necessary, but if you're hosting many blogs the savings are large enough to really matter.
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