Friday, April 17, 2009

Amazon pulls authors’ comments on others’ books

by Sam Horn

In a recent John Kremer ezine, “Book Marketing Update” (, he quotes Cheryl Kaye Tardif about the new policy affecting authors who post reviews of other people’s books. In it, Amazon’s guidelines are quoted: “our participation guidelines don’t allow customers to promote their own titles in their reviews.” Cheryl summarizes, “If you sign your review with anything other than your name, your reviews could be deleted.” That’s even if you link your book to the Amazon page promoting it! They will pull all reviews by you if you sign just one mentioning your book, even if none of the others don’t.

Source: This article originally appeared in Speaker Net News.

UPDATE: 4-24-2009: SNN reported Sheryl Kaye Tardif’s description of Amazon’s policy to pull all authors’ comments on others’ books. Cheryl updated her situation, saying she received an email from an Amazon senior staff member. He told her that her reviews had been reinstated.

"I don’t sign my comments as an author, but instead make reference to my books an essential part of the review, such as, 'As the author of a Bishop Museum book which includes a chapter on ho’oponopono, and of Hawaiian Massage Lomilomi: Sacred Touch of Aloha would like to clarify the difference between this book and ancient Hawaiian tradition.'"

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