Friday, December 5, 2008

Review of the Affiliate Program

For those who don't know me, I'm a geek. Shocking, I know.

One of my all-time favorite shopping sites is I love T-shirts. Heck, I work from home, so T-shirts and jeans is just about all I wear. I have a variety of baseball caps so that I can wear T-shirts and caps that don't clash.

So I decided to try out the Jinx Affiliate Program. If nothing else, hopefully I'll earn enough extra cash to get myself some new swag.

So far I'm impressed. The affiliate program has a fair number of banners and text links to choose from. I put a couple banners on this page.

While art is nice, let's talk about the cash. They pay an impressive 17% commission from the first dollar. If you generate more than $1000 in sales monthly, the commission goes up.

The average Jinx sale is $45, so that means you make about seven bucks per sale.

Another thing that impressed me was that their cookies monitor return visits for 60 days after someone clicks your link.

For personal bloggers they have two affiliate programs. One of them for cash, or you can collect "Jinx Gold" that can be used for discounts.

I've probably personally spent $500 at Jinx over the years. Their website is terrific, shipping is fast, and their T-shirts are pretty comfortable. I think this is important to note simply because I always check out an affiliate program's products personally before I sign up. I never use affiliate programs that I'm not 100% happy with the company. It's bad for my website, and bad for the Internet in general. People have to be able to trust advertisements, so I only place ads for trustworthy companies.

They have good, real-time statistics. After I signed up I was able to check the stats within minutes. I put banners on my website, clicked the ad, then check the statistics and it was already registered.

I haven't tried, but I'm assuming that this means that my own purchases will generate commissions.

The only downside, which is not a big deal for me, is that they pay via PayPal exclusively. For companies that prefer checks or direct deposit, that isn't available. For me, it's perfect because I use PayPal to track all of my Internet income. I even deposit my Google checks into my PayPal account.

If you haven't checked them out, use the link below or an ad on this page. If you see something you like, buy it, and 17% will support my quest to $1 million!

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