Friday, November 21, 2008

Google Search Algorithm to Chance Subtantially in 2009

Is your website provider or marketing firm ready for what’s coming?

In recent interviews, Bruce Clay and Matt Cutts from Google gave us insight into the transition from search to personalized search and localized search.

Bruce Clay is saying that "ranking is dead." Behavior based search is expanding, regardless of whether someone is logged into Google or not. He predicts that in the first quarter of 2009, there will be a major shift to localized, personal search that will make the once-simple job of optimizing a website much more difficult. The factors that determine the rankings delivered to the target audience will change and we will see a shift towards other indicators for success.

Matt Cutts says "ranking won’t be as important as it used to be in 2009."

This is a scary proposition for ill-prepared SEO firms. It isn’t just a matter of making websites linkable and large. What will be necessary is for them to be directly relevant to the search terms that they are wanting to rank for. This is a subtle distinction, but in the whole scheme of things, it’s a huge difference from the way websites are optimized today.

Personalization and localization are coming. They’re here, to some extent. If you haven’t seen it already, don’t worry. Your data center will update soon.

Universal search is changing. It is apparently in a constant state of flux. We’ve had a taste of it for a year, now. SEO’s must embrace the fact that they are having to become more like marketers. There is a distinction, and anyone who doesn’t make that distinction and adjust will be lost in 2008.

Other important developments included:

  • New methodologies for optimizing video and flash
  • Reduced relevance of subdomains

We've always known that a search engine algorithm is ever changing, but transitional changes now and significant changes in first-quarter 2009 will dramatically change SEO protocols.

The good news is that companies that haven't used techniques to trick Google, won't be at risk. Websites with solid content and good search engine rank and important keywords should remain high on the rankings. Companies who've created software for generating back links, and self inclusive linked networks will tumble in the rankings.

Many small businesses have thrown money at SEO firms and had good results, but will be forced to do it again in six months.

After learning about the coming changes firms like ours who use solid ethical techniques to build search engine prominence over time should reap the rewards even further.

If you are concerned about the techniques that your SEO firm has used, feel free to give Tweed Net Marketing a call at 215-541-5382 and schedule a free 30 minute consultation with Jason Tweed.

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