Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday Marketing Memo

The first issue of my new newsletter, Monday Marketing Memo, went out yesterday.  It only had 43 subscribers, but I haven't really marketed the newsletter heavily.  I think it's going to grow rapidly.

I have a couple philosophies about newsletters, and some of them different from the norm.
Philosophy #1 is what I call the 75/25 ratio of info to promo.  I will do promotional e-mails occasionally, but only for my own products.  However my regular newsletters are always stacked toward information or entertainment.  You have to give people a reason to open your advertisement.

Philosophy #2 is that I give 100% of my articles inside the newsletter.  A recent trend is to create a brief synopsis or introductory paragraph for each article, then link to the article on my website.  While this does create higher click through rates, these are padded rates.  I'd much rather know if my article is hitting home definitively.  If the reader clicks through after reading an article, I know they are very interested in the topic and found the article valuable.  If you offer just the first paragraph all you know for certain is that the first paragraph was intriguing.  While this information isn't useless, I'd rather have more accuracy.
From an advertiser's perspective these two philosophies excellent value.  My sponsors know that their article is going to get read, and if it's valuable, highly targeted traffic will be sent to their website.  Because of this to my newsletters get a $1000 per issue, but even with subscriber lists only at around 7500.

Later this week I will be archiving Monday Marketing Memo at www.tweednet.com/newsletter in case you missed it.  Sign up today if you want to get next Monday's issue.
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