Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Submitting Your Website to the DMOZ Open Directory Project

"The Open Directory Project (ODP) is the most comprehensive human edited directory of the Web, compiled by a vast global community of volunteer editors." according to their FAQ page.

The Directory located at DMOZ.org is an open source directory that freely contributes data to many of the most popular portals and search engines including AOL, Google, Lycos and HotBot.

Being published in the DMOZ directory will often give you a boost in other search engines because every directory listing has been examined by human being prior to being listed. There is no substitute for the human algorithm.

I submitted two blogs today, including the one you're reading. Submitting to the directory is rather easy.
  • First, find the category that is most appropriate. The more specific you get the better.
  • Next, click the Submit URL button.
  • Fill out the very brief online form which includes the URL of your homepage, a title of the website and a brief description. You'll also be asked to enter your e-mail address.
Most categories have an editor that looks at each website and evaluates them for appropriateness. They aren't necessarily judging the quality of information, simply the appropriateness of your website within that section of the directory.
Tips: This can take time, so be patient. You can submit the directory listing again, but waited in the 60 days.

I recommend that whenever possible you submit your homepage. If some interior pages of your website are a more specific topics, you can submit them separately but try not to submit more than two or three at a time.

I have one blog that's very random. In this case I have submitted individual blog posts, and a few of them have been included, but not all.
Inclusion in the directory doesn't mean an instant boost in traffic, but ever the next 60 days after inclusion you'll find that your traffic increased considerably. Additionally, it seems that this traffic boost is consistent rather than an event.

It only takes a few minutes, but make sure your website is ready to be viewed by the human algorithm! If your website is still largely under construction, or your blog only has a handful of posts hold of submitting it to the DMOZ Open Directory Project.
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