Friday, May 16, 2008

Five Reasons to Write an Online Press Release

Writing an online press release and publishing it is through a PR distribution service can have many positive benefits for your business website.

Organic Search Engine Traffic -- Google's new universal search protocol has started allowing press releases into organic search results. If your press releases well optimized, they will see short-term organic search engine boosts. Additionally, news aggregators such as Google News also pick up press releases.

Link Building -- Link your most important keywords as anchor text in your press release. When the press releases distributed, these links will be picked up by distribution partners. Some of these links will generate additional search engine rank for your primary website.

Reputation Management/Crisis Management -- If your company experiences an event that causes people to criticize, by publishing multiple positive press releases about the same topic you can balance out the negative blog and news stories within search engine organic results.

Blogger Audiences -- Many bloggers subscribe to online press release distribution services. An interesting press release may get picked up by industry bloggers. This can produce traffic, as well a search engine rank.

Traditional Media Attention -- You may get the attention of journalists, talk shows, and other members of the media by publishing your press release through distribution services. It is an economical way to get high credibility mass media promotion.

I'm planning to launch a regular press release schedule in July. I will report my successes then.

Meanwhile, here are a few links to press release distribution services:
Special thanks go to Milind Mody, CEO of eBrandz, Inc. for a recent article in Website Magazine that inspired this post.
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