Friday, April 4, 2008

Web Radio Ads

Website audio ads have always been annoying, until now. This innovative new concept in audio advertising gives advertisers an effective method of promoting brand awareness, and webmasters an exciting new type of advertising revenue.

More and more advertisers have been moving away from cost per impression advertising. They want guaranteed results, and didn't mind thousands of impressions to get those results, because they realize all of these impressions generate brand awareness.

I, like many webmasters, resent providing brand awareness without getting paid.

Web Radio Ads solves these problems.

The ads are five seconds audio advertisements. In five seconds, they deliver a short message exclusively what brand awareness in mind. They don't detract from the page because the page is usually still loading.

The webmaster gets paid every time the ad plays, usually about $.50 per thousand. Websites with large numbers of page views would get potentially hundreds of dollars per month.

The software that runs these ads is intelligent. You can install the ad in your main template so they can be played on every page, but to avoid annoying your readers, and individual reader will never hear ads more than every three minutes. For those websites that require lots of refreshes, and the ads won't overwhelm readers.

They're also testing content relevant advertising, which will be available in the future for advertisers to bid on specific keywords.

Web Radio Ads are in their infancy, so today there are more webmasters connected with the program then advertisers, but as popularity grows, advertisers will jump on the bandwagon.

I've been using Web Radio Ads for a few days, and they seemed to trigger about one out of every 100 impressions. Eventually they will be triggered every time a unique visitor comes to the website.

Webmasters can not only earn money from advertising, but it also has a referral program for both advertisers and webmasters. Best of all, it doesn't cost anything for webmasters to sign up. Even if you don't have a website, you can promote the affiliate program and earn money from other people's websites. Learn more about audio advertising on websites.
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