Monday, April 7, 2008

Google AdSense Pays

I deposited a check today for $102 and change from Google AdSense. I know it's only a hundred bucks, but I love it when I get a check from one of the largest companies on earth.

I deposited it into my savings account, then transferred it in the Million Dollar PayPal account. This brings the total in my PayPal account to a little over $150. It's just the beginning, but it feels good.

I'm hoping soon to get checks from Google every month. Right now, it's about every two months, with my largest check being $187.

This check is from my personal blog, not this website. This website has a much higher click-through rate, but has much smaller traffic. The key is to grow traffic are keeping your target audience in focus. I'm realizing after looking at the data between the websites, this website pays about 500% more per visitor. If this website had the traffic of my personal blog, it would bring in several hundred dollars per month from AdSense alone.
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