Sunday, March 2, 2008

A New Look

Jason's Million had a facelift. Most of the changes weren't for improved search engine optimization; they were for aesthetics. I wanted to get away from the bland green & blue, and make it look a little more modern.

I found a template and customized it quite a bit. I'm not an XML wizard, but I think it looks pretty good.

I'm not sure I'm in love with the header. I created it myself in Photoshop, and I think for a background image it looks pretty good. The ad space blends nicely into the background. I wanted to create something a little more iconic, but that didn't happen. I don't know what swirls and stars have to do with earning $1 million, but there you have it.

HELP: There's one serious problem with this template. You may have noticed that the images within each post aloud the text to flow around them (this is called a float) but it isn't working properly. For some reason the second paragraph doesn't flow upward like it should. This is part of the original template, so I didn't break it, honest. Unfortunately, I also don't know how to fix it.

If you are an XML or CSS guru, I would love to have some advice.

I change the colors of this one a little bit to match my orange background in the header. I also removed some of the links, embedded in the template.
SEO Hint #7: Templates will often have links to the template creator. Unfortunately, if your website isn't about the subject of templates it will decrease your page rank. If you want to give the creator due credit simply type their URL, rather than linking it. Be very frugal with outgoing links embedded in your template because they will appear on every single page of your website.
One nice feature about Blogger is that you can completely customize and edit your templates, then if things don't work out you can return to the default settings in a couple of clicks.
WARNING: If you alter your template, then reset to the default you will lose many of the widgets you've installed. If you have hours invested in customizing your sidebar elements, playing with the template should be done with caution.
The new look isn't really relevant to my main topic of making money online, so I'm not going to go into the details. If you want to customize your own template, it isn't difficult however it takes time and practice. Installing and customizing a template is for people with at least an intermediate understanding of CSS and XML. Use my search bar to the right and search for "Blogger XML templates" and you'll get lots of choices. Some of them don't need to be customized with all.
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