Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to write eight blog articles in about an hour

I make a substantial portion of my living blogging and writing articles for electronic newsletters. I literally publish 10 articles or more per day. Here is just one of my secrets to creating articles quickly on any particular topic.
--Step One: Make a list of seven things. "Seven tips for..." or "Seven things you never thought..."

--Step Two: Write one paragraph about each of the seven items.

--Step Three: Write your opening paragraph (or two). Give it a hook. Tell them why they need to know the seven things on your list.

--Step Four: Write a closing. This can be a summary paragraph, a "what to do next" paragraph, or a call to action if your article is designed to promote something.
You've completed your first article.
--Step Five: Take one of the seven body paragraphs from the previous article, and rewrite it to be an opening paragraph of your next article.

--Step Six: Write five or six paragraphs supporting the idea presented in the opening paragraph.

--Step Seven: Write another closing. Again this can be a summary or call to action.

--Step Eight: Repeat steps Five through Seven for each of your original seven points.
Congratulations, you have seven more articles for a total of eight.

The next three steps are important!
--Step Nine: Put them in a drawer for seven days. Your articles suck. Trust me, when you read then seven days from now you'll realize it too.

--Step Ten: Edit or rewrite each article, or ask someone else to do it. Your articles will improve dramatically.

--Step Eleven: Publish your articles over time. If it's a blog, publish your eight articles over eight or 16 days. If it's a newsletter, publish them over eight weeks.
If you spend one hour every day writing using this simple formula, then a second hour every day rewriting and editing your old articles you will be able to produce huge quantities of quality content for your blog, website, or electronic newsletter.

Now, stop reading. Start writing.
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