Monday, March 10, 2008

The (future) Millionaire Book Club

I'm very excited today to launch an Amazon Associates ministore. This is a great way to sell to your blog readers. Most blogs are tightly niched, and many of you use Amazon Associates to generate affiliate revenue.

I like to review books, DVDs etc. in my blogs. Amazon used to make it very easy to link to individual titles, but now it's a little trickier. They want you to use their ads and widgets.

While you can still do this in individual posts I like to use the ministore as a collection of all of those products I've reviewed in a positive light.

Your readers can actually check out directly from your store without being transported to Amazon. Also, many people who shop at Amazon tend to purchase $25 worth of items to get free shipping. Giving them the opportunity to buy several items from your store increases the likelihood they will purchase more.

Here are some tips for earning more revenue from your Amazon Associates store.
  • Don't sell cheap items. If there's a paperback version and a hardback version of a book, list the hardback. Unless it's something I really like, I don't sell anything below $10.
  • Remind people about free shipping. You don't get paid for commission on shipping, so encourage your readers to buy more items rather than pay shipping.
  • Offer a few high-end items. People like looking at expensive stuff, even if they don't buy it. If they do buy it your commission (currently 4%) could be quite sizable.
  • Try to find items between $20 and $24. These items are fairly easy to sell, but your readers must buy at least one extra item to get free shipping.

About the (future) Millionaire Book Club...

I'm going to offer one book each month that I've actually read. Well, we will start that next month. I'm currently reading the first selection. I figure if it's good enough for Oprah's Book Club, it's good enough for mine. I bought A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle for my Kindle. I just started reading it, so I'll give you a little book review in a couple of days.

Check out the other categories in my Amazon store too! We have books about blogging and books about making money online. Best of all, we have the section titled "The Spoils". They are luxury items that you will definitely want to have once you've earned your million.

I actually own some of these items. I have a Kindle... and love it! I'm staring at the BenQ 24 inch monitor right now. It's amazing. And if you like cooking, buy the AeroGarden. I have one in my office so I have almost a constant supply of fresh herbs, plus it makes the office smell good. Last but not least, I don't yet own an iPod Touch, but I was playing with my dad's over the weekend and it's really freaking cool. (I have three iPods, so my wife would kick my ass.)

Last but not least, buy a Porsche Crest Logo Sticker it's only a couple bucks and you can stick it on the hood of your Ford Focus. No one will be able to tell the difference!

Remember, 4% of everything you purchase gets contributed to Jason's Million. Happy shopping!
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