Friday, March 21, 2008

The First 24 Hours: The $1 Million Facebook Group

It's 4:01 a.m. My sleep schedule is all messed up.

Last night I was up late and that's when I got the idea for The $1 Million Facebook Group. Twenty four hours later I'm sitting here happy with the early success.

My goal was to reach 100 members in the first 24 hours. The result: 128 members!

Only 999,872 to go. It seems overwhelming now, but if you would've told me yesterday that 128 people would contribute to my retirement fund today, I would never have believed it.

Here are the statistics for the first 24 hours:
  • Group members: 128
  • PayPal donations: $10.35
  • Linkinn income: $2.55
  • Google AdSense income: $1.77
One benefit it wasn't expecting is that traffic to this website increased fairly dramatically. There were a little over 100 visitors today, compared with 20 a typical day. It doesn't seem like much but that means that the blog will become more and more important as the group numbers increase. Those visitors gave me an extra income boost from Google AdSense clicks.

I started this blog project in February. You may have remembered that I was excited over $6.65 for the first month. See the Million-Dollar Blogger February 2008 Scorecard.

Remember, it's not about the numbers, it's about constant growth and improvement.

In case you missed them, here are the Linkinn links for the day.
I'm working on five more for tomorrow! Come back soon!
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