Sunday, March 2, 2008

10 Ways You Can Help Make $1 Million

There are 10 things you can do to help me earn $1 million blogging. The best part is that most of them don't cost you a penny.

10 Ways You Can Help Me Earn Money with This Blog
  • Donate
  • Subscribe to the Newsletter
  • Click the ads
  • Use the Search Box
  • Subscribe to the Feed
  • Comment on Posts
  • Share
  • Link or Bookmark
  • Buy Some Swag
  • Advertise
Why These Things Help Me Make Money

Donating with PayPal -- Obviously, giving me cash out of your pocket is the easiest way for me to earn $1 million. If you actually have $1 million you don't need, you can make a donation and I'll be finished. If you hate this blog, donate $1 million and I'll stop blogging, I promise.

Seriously, a small donation of two dollars or more really helps. If you found even one post in this blog valuable, it's worth donating a few bucks. There are also some other benefits to donating to Jason's Million.

If only 10 readers donate $2.00 for each blog post I do, which is about 400 per year, I'd earn an extra $8,000. Two bucks makes a difference.

Subscribe to My Newsletter -- Newsletters are critical to making money. The reason is that they are active rather than passive marketing. If you're willing to subscribe to my newsletter, you'll get an informative article every two weeks, links to new blog posts, and one small advertisement. No spam. I'll never sell, give away, rent, or trade your e-mail address. I promise. If I can get even one advertiser to pay $100 per issue, that's $2,600 per year.

Click on the Ads (if they interest you) -- Officially, I am not allowed to ask you to click on ads based on the AdSense terms of service. However, I just want you to be aware that if you see an interesting advertisement on my website, I usually earn a few cents when you click. Only 1000 readers per day each clicking a $0.20 advertisement will generate $200 per day, or $73,000 annually.

Use the Search Box -- The Google search box on the right displays the exact same search engine results that you get at The difference is that if you choose one of the sponsored links, I get a portion of Google's revenue. A typical sponsored link earns me about $1.00. If 100 of you use the search box per day, and only 20 click a sponsored link, that's about $20 per day or another $7,300 annually.

Subscribe to the Feed -- When you add the RSS feed to my Google, my Yahoo, or your MSN Live page, it forces these search engines to take a look at my page. Just by simply opening your home page you are encouraging search engines to take a peek at my site to see what's new. Search engines are critical to attracting new readers. By subscribing to my RSS feed, you help me get new readers, even if you don't click the feed links.

Comment on Posts -- Comments are readers only way to gauge website popularity. If there are a dozen comments on each post, the blog may have only 12 readers, or it may have 12,000. Either way, it appears incredibly popular. Popular blogs are successful. The appearance of popularity can be as important as legitimate popularity.

E-mail posts to your Friends (or enemies) -- Let' s face it, many of you aren't going to use much of this information., but if each one of you e-mailed a post to just one friend, my website traffic will nearly double. Traffic equals money.

Links and Social Bookmarks -- If you have a webpage, particularly one about making money online, link to Even if you don't have a website you can use your MySpace, Facebook, blog, or other social networking pages. Additionally, post blog entries on your favorite social bookmarking pages such as Digg,, Reddit, Magnolia, Technorati, etc. These may only generate a few extra hits, but occasionally we will hit the lottery. Appearing on the front page of Digg for example can generate 20,000 to 30,000 extra visitors in a single day.

Place an Ad -- I'm going to sell ad space only $100 per month in the beginning. There will be four ads at a time. These ads will appear in my template, therefore on every single page. You will get premium placement at the top of the two left-hand columns, just below the monthly poll. This could generate $4800.

You can even purchase an ad, and ask me to link to your favorite charity. Additionally, if you just like a tiny ego trip, you can be CEO of the Day. If you'd like more information, send me an e-mail at the link at the bottom of the screen.

Buy Some Swag -- Do you need some T-shirts? Who doesn't. I'm working on making some T-shirts. If you would like to design a shirt and donate your design to Jason's Million, that would be great! E-mail me. I earn about five dollars per shirt.

How much difference can this make? Here's the annual potential.
  • Donations -- $8,000
  • Advertising -- $7,600
  • AdSense -- $73,000
  • Google search -- $7,300
  • T-shirts -- $500
Total -- $96,400

Realistically, we have a looooong way to go. But every little bit helps!

There will be more ways to help in the future. Remember this blog is still less than a month old.

Absolutely the best way to help is to come back and read frequently. Keep learning and using the tips. While I'm trying to make big money blogging, I'm also passionate about teaching and helping others.
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