Sunday, February 10, 2008

Step #2: Set up a Blogger Account

What would a million-dollar blogger be without a blog, just a measly millionaire!

Step number two is to set up your blog. I choose to use Blogger for three reasons.
  1. It's super simple.
  2. It's relatively flexible.
  3. It's owned by Google.
Blogger is probably the easiest blog software to learn. If you've never done a blog, you can literally be started in five minutes. There are more powerful solutions, but none are as easy and none of them are completely free.

It meets my minimum standards which include: customizable templates, labels (tags), comment moderation, and you can use your own domain name if you want.

Third, being owned by Google gives it two clear advantages. First, it integrates easily with all things Google. This includes news alerts, AdSense, calendars, Gmail and much more. Next, it will always be free, because Google earns revenue by allowing you to place ads on your blogs. Other companies must subsidize their blog software either by charging fees or placing their own ads on your blog.

There is one other possible advantage to Blogger. Since it's owned by Google it would make sense that blogger gets read more often than other blogging websites. This isn't a guarantee of higher search engine page rank, but it certainly won't hurt.

I'm not going to cover every aspect of Blogger, but I'm going to hit a couple of the high points that are important to help you earn money with your blog.
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