Monday, February 11, 2008

More Blogger Settings for Maximum Money

The last four tabs on the Blogger Settings page have only a couple of things that are important for earning money with your blog.

Archiving your blog is important. The default setting is monthly. If you update your blog very frequently, you may wish to archive more frequently. The more frequently you are archived and more pages you will create, but remember while Content Is King, Traffic Is Queen. Choose an archive frequency that makes the most sense for your readers.

Enabling post pages should definitely be set to yes. This gives each individual post its own page. This is critically important for search engine optimization.
SEO Hint #3: Blog entry titles are even more important now, because the first few words of your title will actually become part of the URL. Click on any of the titles in this blog, then look at the address bar to make this more clear. When your actual URL has your keywords included, you're more likely to get search engine hits.
Site feeds will become very important down the road. For now are going to be that the default settings. If you feel like exploring more, click on the link labeled "FeedBurner" on the site feed page.

The e-mail settings can be very handy. I like to send myself an e-mail every time I post. This is particularly handy if you're posting remotely, and you want to be sure it went through.

The Mail-to-Blogger Address can be anything you want, as long as it's memorable. This is ideal for individuals to want to produce content remotely. You can even e-mail entries from your cell phone or Blackberry. You can even send picture mail and have it published automatically.

While handy, I take no responsibility for damage to thumb joints because you're posting blog entries from your itty-bitty cell phone.

You can add authors to your blog using the Permissions tab. To add an author, click the Add Authors button and enter their e-mail address. They will get a confirmation e-mail.
WARNING: Do not give administrator privileges to anyone you can't trust 100%. With administrative privileges they can literally steal your blog.
After an author has been added you can give them administrative privileges if you prefer. There is some danger in giving away administrative privileges. Any administrator can delete any other author, including you.

The final setting is Blog Readers. For now, set this to Anybody. Down the road I'll show you how to use the other two settings to make more money with blogs.
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