Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to earn $1 million using the Internet: The Rules

The Rules of the Game

I'm going to earn $1 million online. There's lots of ways to earn $1 million online, some of them are completely legitimate, while others are more sneaky. The easiest way to earn $1 million is to build a website, make it incredibly popular, then sell it to Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft.

However, I believe that you can earn $1 million online by giving people something of actual value, then asking them to help. Furthermore, I believe it's possible to do this using one computer from your home.

This blog will document my trek toward $1 million.

Object of the game: To Earn $1 Million. Specifically, I'll be setting up a PayPal account today. I'm going to win the game by having a balance of $1 million in my PayPal account. About once a month I'll post a screenshot of my PayPal account balance.

Rule #1 -- I'll spend 10 hours per week, one hour per day on weekdays, in two and half hours each on Saturday and Sunday. This truly must be a part-time job. I have a family and a real career.

Rule #2 -- I'll document everything on this blog. If I learn some cool technique, I won't keep it to myself. Good, bad or otherwise, you'll be the first to know.

Rule #3 -- Everything must be FREE (or very inexpensive). I'm starting with a free blog, I'll join free programs. Any money I spend will come directly from the PayPal account, thus reducing my profits. The exception... I already own my own domain name. I got it on several years ago for nine dollars.

Rule #4 -- One computer. I own several computers, but part of the goal is that you must not need to own a bank of computers.

Rule #5 -- No Special Software. Here's the software I own. Any software I need to use besides this must be available for free online. I own MS Office 2003, MS OneNote, Photoshop, MS Expression Web, Roxio, Sony Vegas, Flash, Dreamweaver, Camtasia, and PDF Complete. I'll use this software I already own, however I will try to find you free or low cost solutions.

Rule #6 -- No Special Programming. This is easy. I'm not a computer programmer. I do know how to make a decent website, but I am far from an expert. My only special skills are that a salesperson and a marketing expert. I use the Web as a tool for marketing.

Rule #7 -- No Illegal Activity. I won't do anything illegal. Immoral, reprehensible, disgusting, maybe... but nothing illegal.

The final rule. Don't follow all the rules. Let's go.
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