Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting Search Engine Hits Using Blogger

You may have noticed that this is about my fifth post today on Blogger. There's a good reason for this. One of the essentials of earning money online is to make sure that you get as many search engine hits as possible.

Here's Search Engine Optimization 101: Intro to SEO

When someone types a phrase into Google or their other favorite search engine, generally speaking, a search engine does the following.
  • Identifies every keyword in the phrase. It throws out articles, prepositions, and conjunctions (the, of, and, etc.).
  • Searches for websites that contain the exact phrase.
  • Searches for other websites that contain similar keywords.
  • Ranks all the results based on a big bunch of factors, in no particular order:
    • Page rank
    • Where on the page the keyword is found
    • Frequency of keywords on the page
    • Age of the page
    • Type of website
    • Photos
    • Outgoing Links
    • Bold and italic print
    • Incoming links
    • Link relevancy
  • Displays to the searcher organic and sponsored links
If you see the list above and are a little daunted, don't worry about it. Many people, like me, have spent years studying search engines and testing ideas. If you're not interested in doing that, you can search online under the terms "search engine optimization", "search engine marketing", "search engine keywords", and "page rank".

By the way, even if you've learned everything there is to know about search engines, you'll have to start over in a few weeks. It's estimated that Google changes their search engine algorithms an average of every 12 to 16 weeks. As fast as spammers discover the "secrets" Google closes the loop holes. It's a cat and mouse game that you don't want to play.

The #1 rule for getting more search engine hits is "Content Is King".

Produce lots of content. Produce original content. Distribute that content as freely as possible.

Thus it brings me to my reason for posting lots of short blog entries rather than one daily rambling blog entry. Every time you produce a blog entry in add your content to the homepage, plus it archives the content on other pages. If you use tags and chronological archives, you'll add content to a minimum of four pages.

This entry, for example, will be posted on the homepage immediately. The entry will also be posted on its own page with comments. To see this click on the title of the entry. It also be placed on the February 2008 page; check out the sidebar to the right. Finally, it will be placed on several other pages using the tags at the bottom. Click on any of the tags and it will take you to a page featuring entries about that particular tag.

We're going to cover more Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing techniques throughout this blog. Search engines are some of the most important ways of making money with your blog.
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