Monday, February 11, 2008

Customizing Blogger Settings: Comments

Comments on your blog can be important and beneficial when trying to make money using a blog.

Commenting is a good way to gauge popularity. Blogs appear vastly more popular with just a handful of comments on each entry. Your blog may only have six readers, but if all six comment daily, it gives the appearance of an active community.

Additionally, blog comments create two-way communication between you and your readership. Frequently commenters are other bloggers. If this is the case, you can reach out to these bloggers and asked them to link to your pages as you link to theirs.
SEO Hint #2: Generally speaking, incoming links improve your search engine rank. Outgoing links deplete your search engine rank. Trade links with other bloggers very carefully, particularly if they aren't in it for the money.
Here are the Blogger settings to get you started using comments.
  • Comments: Show
  • Who can comment? Anyone.
  • Comments Default for Posts: New Posts Have Comments
  • Show comments in a pop-up window? No
  • Enable comment moderation? No
  • Show word verification for comments? Yes
  • Comment Notification E-Mail: (your Gmail address)
You probably noticed I skipped a couple options. These option aren't important to making money, so whatever you choose is fine.

I'll explain a couple of the Blogger Comment Settings.

Two things are important to making money with your comments. First, make sure people can comment easily. And second, don't waste time. As your blog becomes more popular, comment moderation can be very time consuming. Time = money.

Make sure your comments don't appear in a pop-up window. Most savvy web surfers have pop-up blocking software, and most people who will comment are savvy.

Comment moderation works like this. Reader leaves a comment. Blogger e-mails a comment to you. You approve or discard the comment. Approved comments are posted. This system is done to prevent spam. It's important that you eliminate spam, because outgoing links from your comments depreciate the value of your website page rank.

Set comment moderation to"No" initially. Real readers don't get instant gratification, and are less likely to comment in the future. Second, it's time consuming. You'll end up checking your Gmail account several times a day just to approve comments. It's easier to check your blog once a day and delete the spam.At some point you may get tons of spam, and at that point you need to enable comment moderation.

The other possibility is that you get someone known as a "griefer". This is literally a person who gives you grief on purpose. Some of them are 13-year-olds, while others just have the maturity of a 13-year-old. You usually only have to enable content moderation temporarily to eliminate a "griefer". Once they realize their new comments aren't ever going to appear on your blog, they give up. They have short attention spans.

Word verification is important. It prevents software known as robots from publishing comments on your blog. These robots are typically owned by spammers. Turn this on and leave it on. The only exception is that if you write a blog design for readers with severe visual impairments, this will be extremely inconvenient. Blind individuals are used to word verification, and blogger does have a workaround for blind people, but don't make it more difficult if this is your primary audience.

I'm disabled and use voice recognition software, and word verification is a pain in my butt, however I understand it's a necessary evil.

Another day we will talk about how to encourage readers to leave their comments.
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