Monday, February 11, 2008

Customizing Blogger: Settings: Basic

Blogger Customization Tips for Making Money with Your Blog

Customizing blogger is pretty easy. I'm going to depend on you to figure most of it out, however I'm going to show you the settings that you need to have to make money from your blog. Login to your blogger account to get started.

We will start with the settings tab, then click on "basic".

There are four settings here that are important to making money.
  1. Add your blog to our listings? Yes. duh.
  2. Let's search engines find your blog? Yes. duh.
  3. Show e-mail post links? Yes. In reality, very few people will use these. However traffic = cash, so every little bit helps.
  4. Adult content? No. This is important. Unless your goal is to make your million dollars on a porn site, you should never select "yes". Adult content does not mean content that only grown-ups would be interested in. It means porn. Avoid it, at least for now.

Under the Settings: Publishing tab, you can leave everything at its default settings for now. If you have your own domain name, which we will eventually, this is where you set it up. If you want to do it on your own, you can do it now. I'll be publishing a tutorial on this later.

Under the Settings: Formatting tab there is only one setting that is important to making money. This one is critical.

  • Show Title field? Yes. This field allows you to title each individual blog entry. Search engines read like people do, they scan the title first, and use it to figure out the topic.
SEO HINT #1 -- When creating titles and headings for your blog entries or webpages, don't try to be funny, ironic, or sarcastic. Unfortunately Google doesn't have a sense of humor. You title should contain keywords specific to that post. If you want to entertain, wait until the second sentence. Better yet, hold your jokes until the last sentence. Humor, irony, sarcasm are terrific tools to retaining readership. If your readers enjoy her sense of humor, they will keep coming back, just don't use them in your titles.

While all of these settings are important, they are also all default settings. Easy, huh?
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